5 Best Mobile Apps to Unleash Effectiveness, Productiveness and Creative Content Marketing

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Getting mobile is an ideal tactic to widen your scope of the target demographic search, knowing that mobile search proves to be the primary way of accessing the web for mobile purchases. But even mobile optimisation becomes a tough competition to content marketers with various strategic testimonies you can see nowadays regarding mobile landing pages, responsiveness, quick loading time, designs, and more.

The key point, in order for you to excel in digital business competition, you need to get along with the trends which are proven effective, productive and creative. You are familiar with the merging of virtual stores and mobile apps to create a more enticing and user-winning mix. Here are the five best mobile apps that will assist you to unleash three of the most essential content marketing characteristics to help you succeed.

Mobile Apps for Greater Business Edge

  1. Social Media Engagement

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Content marketers may need to be social media experts since they are entrusted with the company’s social presence, apart from their own accounts. Several individual apps are downloadable online and may prove a big help in your work, but the best way to pull off social media work is to use social media management tool. It allows you to schedule updates, and gather streams of lists, saved searches, etc. Hootsuite is a good option, likewise, Buffer when you strictly need to schedule your posts. There are other social management apps that contain content-recommendation tools to help you find possible good content to share.

  1. Cloud Storage


Colleague collaboration is a productive method that can enhance your content marketing strategy. Cloud allows you to store, access and edit files and Dropbox, as a good example, gives you an opportunity to send files regularly without clogging up people’s inboxes. Using this tool, you have the control over your content sharing. Another good example is Orangedox which gives you an insight regarding your specific files that gained engagement.

  1. digital note-taking appsDigital Note-taking

Most innovative businessmen claim that creativity is a collaboration of different ideas written in no particular time of the day. They say you can acquire a creative idea whiletaking a shower, cooking something for dinner or while simply walking in the park. This shows that your next trending blog post or infographic content may come out ofnowhere in a way you least expect it to. A digital-note taking app can help you list down new ideas for the moment, so you can trace them back later on.

After all, it’s pretty easy to forget an idea that suddenly sprung up in your mind.

  1. RSS Readers

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Content marketers often need new ideas to exercise for their campaigns. That’s when other people’s content becomes truly invaluable. By subscribing to blogs, you get fresh ideas that you can apply to your next content. The RSS reader will be your best buddy in keeping up with those blogs you’re interested in, and which you believe can help you in your business. Feedly, Pulse, and Flipboard are three of the best options you have.

  1. To-do Apps

To-do apps are excellent tools for organization and keeping on track of your content marketing strategies. It serves as a reminder of your to-do list. For iOS, you can use built-in Reminders app, but you can also use Teux Deux and Wunderlist.


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