5 Secrets to Make Your Readers Love Your Content

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Content writers and marketers would often find themselves asking this highly important but often overlooked question: why are people not reading my content?

Every marketer knows that being on the first page of every search has its perks and its own share of heavy responsibilities. Aside from dishing out unique content day by day, marketers and content writers also have to consider SEO trends and keywords, however just because you’re at the top doesn’t mean your content is always being read. What's more, if your website is at the lowest ranks of Google?

Sometimes it all boils down to how good your content is. As you’re reading this, you might get all defensive and say, “There’s nothing wrong with my content! I’ve done everything these latest SEO trend websites suggest!” Well, the truth hurts and even if you have tried to follow every single rule and trend announced, that's just a guarantee that your website won’t be penalized by search engines.

Content marketers always forget that there is a fine line between writing content and writing great and compelling content. The latter would always get the reader’s attention because not only will people find it significant, but they will also find it worth reading because of its entertainment value. And because people find compelling content better, websites who produce such output often find themselves with better traffic, social media shares, audience engagement and, in the long run, better conversion rates.

Here are 5 major secrets that every marketer should know about how to write compelling content.

1. Create a schedule. Always wonder why some websites fare better than the others? Well some of these websites often post on a daily basis. Okay, sure dishing out content every day and make sure it is original and entertaining can be exhausting in the long run. However, you don’t necessarily have to start posting everyday just so you could have readers. You could always start by easing yourself into an agreeable schedule like weekly then to twice a week until you find a good schedule to post on a regular basis. To help you out, you can utilize your blog’s schedule so that you can queue your posts.

2. Your content should be relatable. Here’s the truth: readers will never read content that they cannot relate with. Neither will they understand content that does not matter or apply to them. Always remember: relatable.

3. Tease your audience with an irresistible headline. Another way to compel your readers is to create headlines or even post titles that will be too good to be true, it will make your readers curious enough to click the link and read. There’s nothing wrong with good old curiosity, however don’t tease them too much only to mislead them in the end. Readers hate that.

4. Aid your content with visual aids. This is one of the biggest contributors to content readership. Why? People are extremely visual nowadays. Furthermore, readers now would rather read content that is also creative. So instead of making long articles, why don’t you convert them into more visual content like infographics, videos and charts? Not only will it provide a creative avenue of delivering information, it will also boost your readership and will make your readers be excited for more. But make sure that the visual aid you will be using is relevant to your topic.

5. Be consistent. Another reason why some readers keep on coming back is that all the content that they find in the website is consistent in their line of interest. Each article is as informative and entertaining as the last one and, surprisingly, coincides with every single idea. To some this may sound redundant but if you’re really good, you know how to make this new to your readers love your content.

Florence Valderrama

Written by Florence Valderrama

Florence is the content and social media specialist at DecoGraphic. Drop her a line if you have any interesting topics that you would like to learn more about!


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