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Do You Want to Become a Social Entrepreneur?

3 minute reading
  Social entrepreneurship, when these two words come into mind, what do you usually think of? By the word social, you might think that it has something to do with the community or the society. By entrepreneurship, you'll probably think that it might have something to do with business right? If this is what you think then you're right! Social Entrepreneurs are people who always keeps a keen eye on society and see big problems and at the same time also innovative answers that can become permanent ...
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How Virtual Reality is Changing Our Lifestyles

# virtual reality
3 minute reading
  Virtual reality has been a hot topic since the 80's, the idea of a person being transported to a different world using a pair of VR goggles has been around for a long time. Through the years, a lot of companies have been trying to cash in on the technology and have manufactured products based on v...
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What is Design Thinking?

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3 minute reading
  Some would define design as an image of an object or an end result. On the other hand, design can be considered as a process or an action which in return, reaches success. Design allows you to discover opportunities and solve problems. In order to reach this level, there may be processes to follow...
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