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Digital marketers should know that even social media such as Facebook is a great way to increase one’s visibility and encourage audience engagements, it is one tough war zone. More so if you are constantly buried or overshadowed by the competition.

Remember that there are over a million users on Facebook and not everyone of them is your target audience. That’s why it is important to be a smart marketer and maximize the tools you have on Facebook, in this case, using optimized Facebook ads.

You might be wondering what are optimized Facebook ads?

Here are some important elements that every marketer should remember if they are to consider venturing into Facebook ads.

1. Visual ads are the best ads
Believe it or not, the algorithm for Facebook favors visual content over textual content. This poses a much better potential to be seen by users over pure text posts, since the News Feed updates every second. Plus, pictures are attention-grabbing. However, in this case, one has to keep in mind that it has to be both visually pleasing to the viewer as well as poses a significant relevance in relation to your product. If you are offering a laptop promo and you post a picture that’s not even related to the product, customers might not take the campaign seriously and you won’t generate any clicks.

2. Relevance is key
One of the features Facebook offers in its advertising venture is measuring whether your ads are relevant or not through the views that come from every time it is clicked. From here, you will be able to see if the audience finds your campaign significant to them or not. Furthermore, it also features a function quite similar to Google’s Ad Rank where the higher your ad’s relevance score the more Facebook will favor you.

3. An ad must have an attractive pitch
This often includes reasons why customers should cater to the product. There’s hardly any value when you pitch that you offer the first kind of donuts as everyone always go to that claim. However, if you pitch in your ad that customers will get discounts or freebies if they cater to you, for sure you will generate clicks. For example, you are offering a one time offer of buy two take one free for your liquor campaign for a very decent price. For sure, you will be able to generate clicks. Plus, everyone likes sales and discounts.

4. A great ad has a clear but bold call-to-action
What makes me people click ads are not just about the discounts – it’s also about the call to action. Sometimes it only takes a “Offer lasts until midnight”, “While supplies last” or “Buy now and get 10% off” to generate clicks. No one could resist a limited time offer after all. In addition to that, offering product freebies or loyalty reward points that can be used as means to pay for future purchases in exchange for customer participation are also great ideas for call-to-action campaigns.

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