The Secret to Digital Marketing

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Daniela Belevan

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Every company has a secret recipe. Take KFC for example, they have their own secret blend of herbs and spices that makes their brand iconic to consumers all over the world. However, not all consumers are quite contended with secrets as some would ask companies to be as transparent as possible. Examples of these companies would be drug and food manufacturers. This is not a strange sight because everyone craves for transparency from your basic relationships to how one would run a country and this would also include all of these small businesses with their digital marketers.

However as much as one would always try their best to be as transparent as they possibly could, some consumers would then complain that it is an over-load of information and jargon that they could not understand. Sometimes, what has been promised to them does not even come true, therefore in this regard, it is important that both the business and its team of digital marketers to work hand in hand efficiently. After all, if one fails, the other follows. Another sin that digital marketers use to their personal advantage is the fact that majority, if not all their clients, are unfamiliar or not well versed with the company’s product. Digital marketers should stop taking advantage of these as it will hinder a successful working relationship. That is why educating one’s clients is highly important so that they will know what they are doing and where they are venturing into.

In summary, transparency and training are the two secrets to a successful digital marketer.

Now that we have caught your attention, here are the different ways on how you can make yourself become successful in digital marketing.

One, you have to take time to educate your client. We understand that it could become tedious compressing years’ worth of experience and lessons into a one-hour or less talk but remember that a team effort is needed to the success of a business. If your clients have an idea on the basics of marketing not only will both of you find a good way of making ends meet but also have full cooperation, prevent an array of future problems and can foster a good working relationship without little to no misunderstanding.

Two, avoid using jargons. Several digital marketers use this to make them sound like experts of their field despite being new to the business and this also makes the client feel small and makes them hesitate to ask further questions as they feel that it might make them look stupid. Furthermore, this creates a rift between you and your client and it makes it difficult to have a good working relationship if you have this sense of awkwardness in the air. However, if you take your time to explain terms to your client you will be able to foster good rapport and that is highly important if you want to stay long term in the business.

Lastly, do not chase after your monetary gain alone. This will not equate to success. Remember this is a team effort and if your client becomes successful, you are also brought in to this success. Furthermore, it may also prompt your client to refer you to more prospective clients. Always aim for a win-win situation.

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Daniela Belevan

Written by Daniela Belevan

Daniela Belevan is the Marketing Director at DecoGraphic, managing and implementing inbound marketing strategies. When she’s not at Deco uploading blogs or optimizing client’s websites, you can find her lifting (or attempting to lift) heavy at CrossFit.

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