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How to Write a Blog that Ranks High on Google

2 minute reading
    Most companies hire inbound marketing consulting agencies to posts blogs in efforts to make their website rank on the first page of search engines. There are those who think that it is easy, but there are certain guidelines to follow to do so. Don't just focus on a well-written blog, pay attention to keywords as well. Read below to learn how to write a blog that ranks high on Google   
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The Battle Between Siri and Google Assistant

# Technology
2 minute reading
  While everyone is still battling on which virtual assistant is better, Siri and Google Assistant continue to be on top of everyone’s list. Whether you like it or not, it's difficult to choose the best when both claim to be number 1. This article will allow you to make up your mind and choose betwe...
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Best Ways to Keep Up with Google

# Digital Marketing
2 minute reading
  Google's algorithm is constantly changing.  As a business owner, this means that there are a lot of new rules that you need to consider when you want your product or brand to rank high on search engines. We suggest hiring a marketing agency to help you with the process. But in case that you don't,...
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Why and How to Submit Your Website to Google

# Web Design
4 minute reading
  Let’s say you have developed an awesome website for your business or organization. You have added high quality content, revised the design and received good feedbacks. At this point, YOU are now ready to share your site to the rest of the world. You’re confident that all your pages and contents wi...
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How Google Defines a 'Quality Content' Website

3 minute reading
    The term ‘quality’ keeps evolving as described by Google, especially when talking about how Google defines a quality content website. Research shows that the time spent on a page has a substantial impact with the increase on rankings. This means that it is really important to keep your readers e...
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