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From the moment you wake up in the morning until you rest your head in fluffy pillows at night, about 50% per cent of your time is spent browsing and checking your social media accounts. Whether it is about the latest news or the hottest trends your phone and browser will always have the presence of social media. Even if you like it or not, social media is now a crucial tool for businesses and marketers for them to reach out even further to their consumers as well as to keep their business afloat. In fact, it has seen the birth, rise and fall of many businesses may it be small time or the big-shots.

One of the most effective social media platforms to expose your brand into is Pinterest. With over 25 million users and counting, many are now using Pinterest as a tool to make their purchases. In fact, majority of shoppers are influenced to buy their product because it is “recommended” through Pinterest.

Pinterest is gaining momentum as a social media for entrepreneur because even though top ranking social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter dominate in ranking, it is difficult to have a consumer visit the brand’s home page because of the amount of links you have to provide or that the consumer would rather shop on one page rather than be redirected to several other pages. Though it started off as an image site, Pinterest is going beyond the whole pseudo-Flickr look.

One of these is that Pinterest is a perfect gateway for the research minded individual. Most consumers are dead set in research products they want to purchase before they actually shell out any money. Pinterest delivers just that while creating website traffic because when users click on the image, they are also being brought to the product page itself.

Given that the consumers of today are highly visual, the visual-centric identity of Pinterest makes things more interesting and engaging even to the least experience online shopper. A good way to make sure your brand has good visibility is that you provide high quality images that users can appreciate. Don’t forget to let them Re-pin your Pins.

Another reason why Pinterest will be a great social media partner for your marketing tactic is that it does not push down your product posts. This is often seen as the greatest nuisance by online marketers in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook because your posts gets buried after a few minutes, sometimes buried by the massive amount of posts your target market’s ever updating newsfeed. However in Pinterest, pins don’t disappear. They will still be there without getting buried because it stays on top of the page which is good when you are concerned about traffic and user engagement.

Speaking of traffic, Pinterest is a great platform if you want to have consisted traffic for your website. However, quality traffic can only happen if your website is verified on Pinterest. Having a verified website will not only gain user trust but it will also strengthen your reach and visibility to users.

Florence Valderrama

Written by Florence Valderrama

Florence is the content and social media specialist at DecoGraphic. Drop her a line if you have any interesting topics that you would like to learn more about!


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