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Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat. It is not by accident that the newest and fastest-growing social media networks are mainly focused on visual content. By utilizing a strong visual branding method on social media, marketers can bring a new edge to their campaigns and be on par with other brands.Visual social branding simply refers to the overall look of your content, from your profile picture, cover photo and posts.

The human brain is wired to read and comprehend images better and faster than words, thus, making strong visuals on social media very important. It also increases the chances of social engagement as posts containing images are more likely to be shared.

So, whether you’re aspiring to create the next-big-thing in the world of social media, or you’re a blogger wanting to market your blog more effectively, this article will tell you how to incorporate the four key elements of social media success into your website.

The 4 Key Elements of Social Media Success

Customizing Font

1. Colors

If you pay close attention to the color scheme of well-known brands, you will notice that they use the same colors repeatedly. You may see it on their logo, their text, their images, and advertisements. Select two to four colors to be used consistently throughout all of your social media profiles, posts, and marketing campaigns. By using the same color scheme over and over again, will help your brand become more familiar to your consumers and readers.

The colors should reflect your brand. General associations include red: excitement and passion, blue: technology and trust, orange: energy and active, purple: creativity and individuality, yellow: optimism and cheer,pink: romance and happiness, green: nature and healing, and black: luxury and sophistication. These are just a few colors, but feel free to explore and learn about hex codes which are used to convey precise colors on programming.

2. Fonts

Just like colors, fonts should also reflect your brand. Do you want something simple, strong and bold, or cute and elegant? The sky is the limit.There are three fonts you should choose for your brand, one for your titles, one for subtitles and lastly one for body text and just like your color palette, use them consistently. The title should be the largest and reflect the most personality while the subtitle and body text should be easy to read.

3. Images and Filters

Instagram Filter Effects

Choose images that have a consistent theme. Doing so will help with familiarity of what your brand represent and how your audience identifies you. Filters should also be considered to emphasize your graphics.Again consistency is key.

4. Templates

Coming up with a style guide and template layout will make the design process a whole lot easier and faster. It’s all about figuring out where you want things to be such as the logo, the text, the colors, the images etc. You should also create different templates depending on what you will release such as tips, invitations, promos etc. Don’t forget to cater your graphics to each social media’s dimension. So don’t forget, colors,fonts, graphics and layouts all contribute to graphic design which will make or break your brand. It’s time toget your brand’s visual voice out there!

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Written by Florence Valderrama

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