What Salespeople Should Do for 2015

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2014 is over and 2015 looms near. As much as celebrating with family and attending parties are great, salespeople should start looking ahead. Even if 2014 was a great year for you, there is no guarantee that 2015 will be the same. The same thing goes to those having a terrible 2014 as the incoming year would either be great or as worse. That is why it is essential for one to start over in a clean slate when the new year rolls in.

Though starting a clean slate can be tricky and risky especially because you know you will be starting from scratch, it can be a good thing because from here one can set up new goals and come up with new and better approaches to their craft than the ones they utilized in the previous year. Unfortunately, the hard part will always be the same question: where do I begin?

There are ways on how salespeople can improve themselves for the upcoming year 2015. Here are some pieces of golden advice from experts on how one can begin all over again for the upcoming year.

In every new year, there will always be new goals and new goals come with a whole new quota. Beyond the whole festivities and parties will always be the problem on how one should reach that desired number again. That is not strange because it is a true fact. But don’t fret, provided are tips on how to get around it.

The first tip revolves around the idea on what one should do in the first 30 days, in the short month of January. One tip is to “profile your ideal prospects and opportunities” and then focus on them. For sales leaders, they should keep in mind that their reps are not mind readers and should be familiar with their company’s strategy and use it to get the desired numbers. Salespeople are also advised to begin their plans and not dally in the first 30 days because that will result into lost time, effort and money but at the same time create definite roadmaps to help them reach their quota. A well planned roadmap will always result into better numbers, must be aligned to their buyer’s purchasing powers and can help the company sell better than its competitors.

Afterwards, the first 90 days should then be focused on the more detailed action plan for 2015 which will be useful and helpful for the remainder of the year.

Salespersons are encouraged to create connections with their clients, to convince them that purchasing from their company is a risk worth taking and that they should also collaborate with the client to get to a better end point. In addition, one should not forget and be bold enough to ask for referrals from one’s client.

Finally, salespersons should believe in themselves. It is a classic piece of advice that will not only help them do well in their sales but also help the company as well.

Daniela Belevan

Written by Daniela Belevan

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