3 Reasons Responsive Web Design Is Important


Having a user-friendly web design is crucial for all types of businesses. And while about 72% of consumers report wanting mobile-friendly websites, responsive web design is becoming increasingly important. When you own or manage a business, it's important to ensure your website is as up-to-date as possible -- and this includes web design and development. So this article is going to cover a few important things to know about responsive web design.





What Exactly Is Responsive Web Design?

First and foremost, what does it mean when web design is responsive? While mobile-friendly web design adapts the website to be used effectively on mobile devices, responsive web design allows the site to automatically scale the content to match any and all screen sizes. This means that content, images, and other site elements don't need to be resized, scrolled, or zoomed manually to make them fit on the screen. The ultimate goal of having responsive web design is that so all users can have an easy, convenient user experience no matter what device they're viewing the site on. Google is even beginning to take responsive web design into consideration when looking at ranking factors.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Besides improving your visibility in search engines, investing in the help of a digital agency to implement responsive web design offers several benefits. One of the biggest benefits responsive web design offers is increased traffic. When you utilize professional web development services, you'll notice increased web traffic, mainly from mobile users. If your website isn't responsive across several types of devices, there's a good chance you're going to lose traffic and potential customers. Additionally, your website will require less maintenance. Because you have one site designed for all platforms, you won't have to manage several different sites at once. And lastly, using one responsive site can help you track and analyze data all in one place. Instead of managing several sites, you can track leads and sales from one site.

Website development is a crucial aspect of increasing lead generation and sales. When you have a great website, people are more likely to go through with a purchase. So talk to your digital agency about how your business could benefit from a responsive web design.

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