The 4 Colors of Effective Communication and How to Use it

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A lot of people think that marketing communications are usually sneaky or deceiving. To make it more trustworthy for your audience, it would be much easier if all marketing campaigns were always straightforward and clear about what they want to communicate. Once you're clear about your wants, needs, and expectations, misunderstandings are minimized and there will be less room for error.



Effective communication with your clients is important, but in reality it's important in any relationship, whether it is with a client or employee. Communication helps build bond and trust. You should be able to know how to effectively communicate and learn some techniques that you can put into practice that can help you build your communication skills.


  1. Understand Who You Are Talking To

You must understand that every person handles communication differently. However, there are four main personality categories that you can check in order to help you better understand who you are talking to and how to effectively get your point across.

  •             Red: very blunt to the point, drivers, strong-willed. Can be seen as rude but they are very direct.
  •             Yellow: follows their heart, emotional, very caring. Will tend to think of others even if it ends up inconveniencing them.
  •             Green: very analytical, enjoys knowing a lot. May find it hard to speak without knowing all angle first.
  •             Blue: will speak their mind, loves to have fun. Speaks without thinking things all the way through.

Keep these colors in mind when communicating with people because this can help you relay the information you want them to receive.






  1. Think About What You Say

Thinking about what you say will save you from a lot of stress. You may have experienced in the past, saying something you didn’t really think about and ended up being misunderstood. This will create a stressful situation and may even end up putting off the connection.

In business, our word are extremely powerful. You need to make sure you are being true and honest about what you are saying, not making promises you can’t keep, giving false expectations, and flat out lying to people. It will eventually diminish your value as a business owner. Think about the words you use and how you are saying them because once you say it, you can’t take it back.


  1. Just Say It

This may contradict what was said above, but always remember there are going to be times that you just need to come out and give your opinion. What you need to do is to make sure it is true, and that it does help others. Find your voice, make sure that when something is bothering you, you use your new communication skills to express what is happening, what the problem is, and leave a line of communication open so you can solve what is happening. Be outspoken enough to get your point across, but also calm enough to understand the situation fully.

When learning to effectively communicate, don’t only listen to respond, but listen to fully understand.




Guillermo Colombi

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