Have You Migrated to Google Analytics 4? Time is Running Out!

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Do you use Google Analytics? This message is for you if you have not upgraded to GA4. On July 1st, 2023, Google Analytics will stop recording data. If you want to keep tracking your Google Analytics, you will need to upgrade to GA4, the new version of Google Analytics. We recommend making the switch immediately so that you have historical data from now until July 1st. If you are not familiar with this process and need help from our team in migrating your analytics we have created a package that will:
  • Create GA4 tracking code
  • Setup the new code in your website
  • Add recommended Events
  • Provide high-level training on how to use GA4
 As you can imagine, we have a lot of customers that are needing to migrate so reserve your spot right away.
I'm sure you probably have many questions. I've added a few of the most common questions below. If you have one we have not covered below please reach out. 

What is Google Analytics 4 or GA4?

Google Analytics has been around for several years and many businesses enjoy the benefits of this free analytics platform. A few years back Google released its most recent version which is called Google Analytics 4.


How is GA4 or Google Analytics 4 different from Universal Analytics?

GA4 is event-based instead of session-based like Universal Analytics. With GA4, the concept of a session as traditionally understood is no longer applicable. All actions, from the beginning of a session to a pageview, are now considered events.

The concept of views has been eliminated. Instead, Google has provided the option to create custom reports that can be accessed through the left-hand navigation in the interface, making it more convenient for users to find the data they need.

Event categories, actions, and labels are now "event parameters". Users can now assign a name to the event and include additional information about the event through the use of event parameters. The free version of Google Analytics allows for 25 different parameters per event, while the GA360 version allows for 100.

GA4 uses machine learning to detect anomalies and make insights.

Some metrics, like Bounce Rate, need to be manually added and they now measure differently.  The bounce rate is the inverse of the engagement rate. A bounce is triggered when on of these conditions is not met:
- The session is less than 10 seconds (We recommend adjusting this to 30 or 40 seconds because 10 seconds is just too little)
- The user clicked on a button or link
- The user filled out a form


When will Universal Analytics be turned off?

As of now, July 1st, 2023. We don't know if it will be extended but you should not plan on it.


Will I be able to move all my Universal Analytics Data to GA4?

Nope. That's a bummer... we know! We're also surprised that there is no way to keep that for comparison purposes. You will need to migrate your data out to a tool like Databox or Big Query. 


How long will I be able to store my data?

For Google Analytics 4 properties (non-Analytics 360 version), retention of user-level data, including conversions, can be set to a maximum of 14 months. For all other event data, you can choose the length of retention: 2 months.









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