How Apple Changed The World

how apple changed the world

Apple is one of the leading innovators in technology and nobody could deny that. Many of us are trying to be the next Steve Jobs, dreaming every day to make it big in either business or technology. How does Apple manage to convince people to stand hours in line in the winter cold just to get the latest iPhone? You will also be surprised to know that Apple isn’t exactly an inventor of ideas. The products that they sell have been out in the market for years. In case you didn't know, Apple didn’t invent the first mp3 player, tablet or even smartphone, but how they commercialized it makes you think that they did.

So, what is the secret?

The secret of the onion.

If you’ve watched Shrek, you would know about the famous analogy of ogres and onions and we quotes, 

“Onions have layers”. 

Just like an onion, Apple’s marketing strategy is like an onion. It possesses separate yet individual layers that when they are put together create a harmonious, functional balance that makes everything work out. For every stage of their product development or marketing, Apple makes sure to consider their input, evaluation and ideas. In fact, they don’t have just one marketing department that controls everything from advertising and design but rather it is the company, together with their clients that create the marketing.

Where does the client fit in the picture? What makes Apple a genuine stand out is their focus on creating a personal statement for each customer. The people that line up in the cold just for an iPhone don’t just line up for an Apple product, they line up for a statement that would help boost their individualism and that is where Apple profits – the creation of an individualistic picture. It is because of this cause, paired up with strong social, marketing and psychological marketing tactics that makes up Apple’s successful brand marketing strategy.


Creating individualism

Another reason why Apple has such a strong following over the decades is because how it spoke out to its pioneering generation: breaking the status quo and creating their own identities. They called for a generation who wanted to create an identity for themselves and dared them to do so by being different. This strategy made people go out of their comfort zones and altered their tech-buying decisions.


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack are a dynamic duo that can be compared to some of the greatest Marketing Duos that we can take a lesson from.


With that said, here are four (4) simple ways on how Apple managed to dominate the market:

1. Communicate through the WHYs.

Otherwise called as the Golden Circle Marketing Method, this method focuses on creating the why before going out to the hows and whats of a business. It gives this lasting impression that your purpose for your clients has something that would be of immense use for them and this is something people want to hear.


2. Reach out to the Early Adopters.

Reaching out to the younger generation and establishing a market with them is one fail proof way of staying afloat. Most of these early adopters are visionaries who see that they can change the world, one tech at a time.


3. Be Different But Also Know What Your Customers Want.

Though being unique is the lifeblood of creating an impression, it is also important to know what your customers want. This requires a bit of research and an open mind and heart to suggestions and comments thrown in your direction. After all, the harshest of critics are your customers.


4. Make It Easy for People to Change.

This is the most difficult of all because. Even if majority of the target market is easy to persuade, there will always be a certain part of the demographic that will be hard to push even if you’re already offering the best and most competitive product in the market, they are hard to convert. Truth be told, even big companies like Apple have these too. The best way to go about this is to make things easy for them although it might hurt you. Make it look like the offer is more advantageous for them but in the long run it may be for you especially if they will be satisfied with your offer.


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What do you think, how apple changed the world? Do you have any thoughts on it? Or was it all Microsoft's doing? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject, comment below!



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