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What is Apple AR Kit? A View Into the Future

6 minute reading
    AR Kit seems to be the next big thing since Apple launched its latest upgrade, iOS 11. For those who do not know, AR stands for Augmented Reality. This technology is no longer new to us since a large amount of the world’s population use mobile devices on a daily basis. AR is a direct or indirect perspective of a physical, real-world setting in which environmental elements are augmented (or enhanced) by computer-generated sensory data such as sound, video, or graphics. Our phones and tablets ...
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Marketing Tips We Can All Learn from Steve Jobs

# Business
3 minute reading
  Steve Jobs made his mark in corporate history by turning the near-bankrupt Apple into one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. We all know how Apple changed the world we live in today. But a man like him didn’t finish school with flying colors. In fact, he didn't even finish ...
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The Battle Between Siri and Google Assistant

# Technology
2 minute reading
  While everyone is still battling on which virtual assistant is better, Siri and Google Assistant continue to be on top of everyone’s list. Whether you like it or not, it's difficult to choose the best when both claim to be number 1. This article will allow you to make up your mind and choose betwe...
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How Apple Changed The World

# apple
3 minute reading
Apple is one of the leading innovators in technology and nobody could deny that. Many of us are trying to be the next Steve Jobs, dreaming every day to make it big in either business or technology. How does Apple manage to convince people to stand hours in line in the winter cold just to get the lat...
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