What Platform is Best for Growth-Driven Design?

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What Platform is Best for Growth-Driven Design?


When speaking about 'growth' in design, it refers to helping your website continually enhance and adapt to the ever-changing trends and algorithms of the internet. Growth-driven design helps you as a content creator test, learn and apply website design processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the long run.




A generalized and simple design may seem safe but it may not be able to strongly grasp the interest of your clients. You know that clients are not all be the same. You should define what your content is and create a personalized website experience that caters to your clients’ behaviors, segments or buyer personas. HubSpot helps you personalize everything based on your contact database, location and even device used.

User Feedback

Your users are and will be your main source of revenue for your website, so their interest is your primary concern. You should not only focus on what content they want but be diligent enough to collect as much feedback from them also. Clients feel even more connected with you when you take the time to give their suggestions some thought. HubSpot provides forms that can also double as an easy survey creator. This lessens the hassle of creating a longer feedback method.



Engagement Revenues

One the best ways to track traffic in your website is knowing how well clients engage and interact with your content. HubSpot provides a system that shows how engaged your users ARE when they  visit your site. Through this method, it can help you gain a better understanding of your users and how you can improve your content for better engagement.



Time Management

Your content may be top quality but the problem that most creators face is how well they allocate time for each process in creating them. Not a lot of people know it but content creators unknowingly spend more time in troubleshooting, updating and maintaining their content rather than improving it. This creates a platform that works well but really isn’t producing content at its full potential. The HubSpot website platform is built to give more focus on improving content rather than wasting time troubleshooting and updating content.





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