How Miami's Ultra Music Festival Uses Marketing Effectively

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How Miami's Ultra Music Festival Uses Marketing Effectively
Electronic Dance Music festivals like Ultra Music Festival in Miami attracts thousands of fans yearly. Marketing teams always see this opportunity to market their brand to the fullest. If you look at the big brands and companies, they usually sponsor music festivals or advertise during the event in order to promote their products and services. But this can cost a lot of money and sometimes does not generate as mamy sales as they expected. There are other ways that you can promote your brand and make your marketing campaigns during these events, without having to purchase airtime or sponsor the event itself.
So, how does Ultra Music Festival use marketing?

Using social media as a frontline for your campaign

Before the big event, it is always important that you promote your marketing campaign on your social media pages days before the actual day. This includes letting your audience know where your kiosks will be during the festival as well as discounts and sales that they can avail of during the event. During the event, you can also post photos and videos on social media, especially SnapChat since it's a live story, to keep your audience up to date. Take pictures of your customers that were there during the event as well as your employees that are happily doing their job. You can use social media to promote your campaign during the event so that you can gain even more audience in the next show.

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Use your resources wisely

When it comes to using music festivals as a front for your marketing campaign, you can always expect that you might spend a fair amount of money for your campaign. There are other ways that you can promote your company and your brand without having to spend too much. For example, instead of hiring another person to be a mascot for your company, you can dress up your employees in costumes that is relevant to the event or to the product or service you are selling.

Using giveaways

During the festival, it is always a good idea to hand out giveaways to your customers and to prospects as well. Using giveaways that is relevant to the event can help promote your business during the event where there are thousands of people attending. You can also have contests in both the event and in social media by giving out prizes to contestants that visit your booth. 


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Social media is extremely important for music festivals, but also for your company. However, it can be confusing and tidious. This is why social media managers need an editorial calendar to help them manager their posts and keep organized. Download one FREE now.


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