Mobile Branding and Marketing for Electric Daisy Carnival

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Mobile Branding and Marketing for Electric Daisy Carnival 

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world, which attracts thousands of party-goers every year. EDC is an all-year long electric dance music festival, taking place in Las Vegas, Tokyo, London, and Orlando. One of the biggest EDM festivals will sure be a breeding ground for a lot of marketing . EDC and Live Nation have made deals with major digital players in the industry so that they can attract more brands. The best part of it all is that mobile will be at the center stage. Read below to learn about mobile branding and marketing for Electric Daisy Carnival. 


EDC is not only for party-goers, but also for art lovers as well. High end art installations will be scattered all throughout the grounds where the event will be held. Some of them will even be from Burning Man. This visual aesthetic will create a highly creative vibe that will be enjoyed with the event go-ers. 


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But of course, the event will not just be about partying because there are other things that can also be experienced aside from the usual experience. There will also be other brands that will be present in the event and some of the offerings include:


Live Streaming

Would you like to stream the event in the comfort of your own home? EDC will be streamed live via Yahoo Screen and 7up will be the main sponsor. A representative of the initiative said that the mobile engagement and the viewership will be the main key component and the stream will be showered with native advertisements that will also be sold on Yahoo during the main show.


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Bud Light and Smirnoff

Popular alcoholic beverage brands, Bud Light and Smirnoff, will be in the event and will be targeting folks with mobile ads thanks mainly to Live Nation's cooperation with Aloompa, a beacons company. Data that will be obtained from Live Nation's Fan Connect will be used to focus more on beer lovers in the festival. On Livenation's App, items like virtual passes will also be around the concert grounds. If you are a hardcore Bud Light or Smirnoff fan, this is something that you really want to take advantage of.


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Snapchat will be partnering with Live Nation so that they can capture exclusive photos of the event via the App's Live Stories feature. It has not been revealed yet whether or not the brands will be appearing in the content, but the deal appears to be more about the popular live events company marketing rather than beverages.


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