3 Strategies to Help Boost Your Social Media Presence


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Looking at the current state of the world right now, one thing that we can agree on is that we have more free time than before. For a lot of people, this can be the perfect time to do something new or do something they have never done before. For small-business owners and entrepreneurs, it can be viewed as an opportunity to build and expand your network. If you are looking for ways on how you can boost your social media presence, then these strategies might be perfect for you.


  1. Share engaging stories with your followers.

This can be the perfect time for you to tell something new. You may think you should continue the normal routine of posting business-related posts in your social media, but you should also consider the environment. People are currently staying in their homes, positively looking for an escape. Show some humanity by sharing how you are getting through this time. Maybe share a special moment, or share something personal, like a funny family story, or a hobby that you started learning. You will never know who your content will reach.




  1. Engage influencers with a call to action.

Industry influencers are the new trend now, so don't hesitate to get help from them. There are instances where you may not get a response simply because the call to action is quite unclear. To do this, start by choosing a couple of influences you want to engage with your content, tagging them on your posts or videos. Ask them whether they agree or disagree with your content and ask them why. You can also ask them to add another useful point to your content so that you can come up with something of a bigger value. When you share the same sentiment, you can then agree with them to like, comment or share your content so that their followers can see your content as well. Associate yourself with someone who shares the same values as your business. This can make your platform a lot more credible because you are associating yourself with people you can trust your name to.


  1. Network via social media.

This can be the perfect time for you to respond to all those messages hanging in your inbox and posts. Show your followers thatu care for them by responding to their comments or even liking it. This should be a constant task that you you do because it can definitely help you boost your account. Whenever they tag you in their posts, constantly thank them. They will be your loyal customers in no time. People want you to engage with them, respond to their messages and constantly make them feel that you are just an email away. Customers always want to feel valued and that is what you should do. 



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Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

Fabrizio is director of business development at Decographic. He's been with our team since 2008.


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