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 One of the biggest problems of every social media marketer and content manager is the frequency of posting and when it should be done. You can’t blame them for that kind of thought because social media is extremely fast-paced. However, they also have to take into account the fine line between how much should be posted and how much could be posted in order to avoid what we call ‘spamming’. So, how often should you post on social media?

Fortunately, this is where social media statistics come in and the most effective ones are often specific to a certain industry type. For this guide, we’ll take into consideration three (3) major markets:

  • Real Estate
  • Marketing Services
  • Business or Financial Services


1. Real Estate

Why real estate? It is because this industry is the one that posts the most on social media websites. It makes sense because of the constant flux in the market. So here are a few things that you should take note of from this market.

  • Posting on Facebook works when they post only a few times in a week. But Twitter is a more effective social media if you are going to post more than just a few times a week. This lessens the ‘spam’ effect for your followers.
  • If you are posting less than a few times a week, always include an image to catch the attention of your audience
  • If you want products to move faster opt for Twitter or Pinterest but if you want to put the effort into a brand and widen your reach, Facebook is more effective
  • If using Facebook, there should be a good balance between visuals and text.

2. Marketing Services

Most of the time, their social media is filled with posts dedicated to PR, social media, and marketing consultation. It's because of such volume of topics, that it is not a question of why they are ranked second, right after real estate. So what strategies can be found in this industry’s social media?

  • Given the amount of content they share on a daily basis, they would post on other social media sites that are not Facebook to avoid spamming their followers. Their favored social media website is Twitter.
  • They are always conscious that they practice what they preach in their content because their followers are always looking into their content and observing if they also do what they advise their clients to do. They will not find the agency an effective and reliable one if it cannot prove their word will be able to help them in their reach.
  • Often practices good SEO

3. Business and/or Financial Services

This type of industry has a lower volume of posts compared to the other two industries. However, their social media activity is still a significant factor because they make use of social media as a gateway for longer content. For example, you have an article that cannot be done in the limited word count of Twitter, however, you still want people to read. Posting the link along with a short blurb or title helps redirect interested clients to your website. Also, this help improves the website’s traffic.


We know that social media can be confusing and overwhelming. This is why we've created a Social Media Editorial Template to help you keep yourself organized with your social media content. Remember that your editorial calendar should include the following: 


  • Title or description of the content
  • Links to supporting documents, like content briefs
  • Author or writer
  • Deadline
  • Channels you will promote it on 


how often should you post on social media




Daniela Belevan

Written by Daniela Belevan

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