5 Best Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

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Loyal customers are the heart of the business. They will keep your revenue flowing. Studies show that loyal customers spend 67% more than occasional customers, that is why focusing on loyal customers is a must in every business.



Check out these five easy ways on how to increase customer loyalty in your business.

  1. Make customer service a priority – even on social media.

Most consumers believe that a company’s customer service is a reflection of how much they value customers. If you want to gain loyal customers, top-notched customer service is a must. A customer evaluates every interaction with your staff and makes a judgment call on your service every time. So when a customer waits in line, or calls about a broken product after purchase, or even asks a question on Facebook, they are keeping score. This means you should train your in-store staff to be friendly, helpful, and efficient. Your customer service should be easy access to your customers and should solve problems in a timely fashion. As much as possible, your customer service should include a human being and don't only rely on AI-powered applications because customers want to transact with people they can reason out with and help them with their concerns.

  1. Reward your customers.

Rewarding your customers is one of the best ways to keep them coming back to your shop. You can set up a loyalty program that gives out discounts, gifts, and exclusive offers. Loyalty programs often make customers feel appreciated. They chose to spend their money on your product or service, and you need to make them feel grateful for it.

  1. Ask for advice and listen to it.

Businesses should understand that feedback is a good thing and should make the effort to collect feedback from customers and listen to it. If your customers complain about the poor layout of your store, assess the situation, and change it if possible. This is a great way to show your customers that you are not only reading their feedback, but you are also acting on it.

  1. Offer convenience.

Customers spend their money for convenience. Make their life easier for them and there is a big chance that they will come back. Consider streamlining your checkout process so customers can get in and out, answer questions on social media rather than ask them to send an email or visit your store. Be creative in giving this convenience to your customers and eventually, they will be your loyal customers.

  1. Do not just ask for money.

We all get it. Businesses exist to pay the bills and make sales. But if you are just connecting with your customers when you want to buy something, you will eventually face a long-term problem. Try to look for ways on how to expand your relationship with your customers. Try hosting a customer appreciation event showing your gratitude to them, send links to helpful articles on your blog, or showcase a charity that your business supports. Connect with your customers regularly, without regularly asking for money.




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