5 Ways to Gain Traffic and Generate Leads in 2021

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Your website may gain traffic on a daily basis, but this means nothing if you cannot convert that traffic into leads and eventually into sales. Without sales, there is no revenue. And without revenue, you cannot reinvest back into traffic and lead generation.



Before generating leads, you need lead magnets. There are a lot of resources available online where you can learn how to drive leads to your business. Once you secure this, you will need to look for different traffic sources to bring attention to your lead magnets.


Here are five sources of traffic where you can find people for your lead magnets. Some of their resources are free and some of them are paid but it is recommended to start with free traffic sources and scale your way up to paid traffic sources.


1. Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic is the traffic that comes from search engines. Every search engine has paid listings on their search and free listings. You just have to make sure that your pages appear in the search results for specific keywords because it will attract a lot of traffic to your website. However, with organic search traffic, your landing pages will not get ranked easily in the search engines because it prefers content-heavy pages and they do not rank landing pages well. This means that you should drive the search traffic to blog pages and use an online tool to convert visitors into leads.


2. Paid Search Traffic

Paid search traffic is another method to get traffic to your lead pages. This incurs cost but if you know how to convert your leads into sales, then it is worth it to pay for the clicks. There are a lot of paid search ad tools like Google Ads, where you can set up paid search ads on Google’s search engine. This is beneficial for landing pages because search engines will not hesitate to drive traffic to your lead pages.


3. Display Ads

Many of the display ads you see on websites are controlled by the Google network, but they are not the only type of display ads. Display ads are beneficial for you because they have an unlimited source of high traffic to tap into and are relatively cheap.


4. Affiliate Traffic

This is tapping into affiliates and giving them a percentage commission on your sales when they promote your products. This is a win for you because you will only be giving an affiliate commission only on sales and not on the traffic that is being driven to your page. In other words, this is a free way to get traffic.


5. Referral Traffic

You can start a referral campaign and get people to refer others so they can get a prize. This is pretty similar to affiliate campaigns, the only difference is that there is no monetary commission involved. The rewards people get are usually digital products.



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