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The main source of revenue for your websites will often be the visitors and how it can sustain traffic. This determines how much your website is trending and how much future profit you can be possibly making. The problem is that not all traffic is good traffic. The quantity of traffic will not always translate to success for your business. The truth is that every website is different and can create a different kind of web traffic thats caters to their client's needs. There is a superficial type of traffic that does nothing for your website as it quickly enters and leaves in a flash. This is where quality over quantity comes into play as it’s better to have adequate valuable traffic than having tons of useless traffic. You should be able to know how to analyze your traffic, determine what needs to be adjusted and improve on those said areas. 




Google Analytics is a highly underestimated tool when assessing web traffic. The fact that’s it’s free, incredibly easy to use and highly accurate makes it versatile. You should keep track of your page views since it tallies the times visitors have landed on each page of your website and this can tell which page from your website is the most visited, which pages them the most important pages on your website. If you have a new website, you want to aim for high numbers. The real-time traffic analytics is a handy tool for tracking especially when you’re having a promotion or event within your website. This can help determine if the promotion is really making an impact or not. The bounce rate determines how engaged visitors are with your website. This refers to the number of people that leave your site immediately.





You should be wary when bounce rate goes beyond 60% and the other stats seems to go low as this may mean that you’re not creating enough traffic to make people visit your website. Improvements can be made even without all the statistics and analytics, but tools like those make it more manageable and easier. The simple improvement you can start with is with navigation. If viewers were the cars, navigations would be the highways, road signs, and toll booths. An organized and seamless navigation system will make it easy on your visitors and will obviously appeal to them better. Design is also a must as this is what attracts attention to your visitors. This doesn’t mean you should go all out, remember that less is more. The most important of all is quality content. If design is what invites them in and navigation directs them where they want to go then content is what makes them stay. It’s your content that creates repeat visitors and loyal followers.






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