How to Re-Engage With Your Customers After COVID

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The last two years has been pretty tough for every one of us. In the business world, the pandemic also made a significant difference. The pandemic has uprooted most aspects of normalcy that we know, from how we dine to the way children are learning. It also changed the way we, as humans,, relate to one another. But as we move forward and navigate the new normal, businesses are also learning from the resiliency and compassion manifested ever since this pandemic started.




Here are three simple and effective ways on how to connect with customers post COVID:


  1. Embrace new physical boundaries

The social interaction norms are being changed to adapt to our current situation. We now greet each other with an elbow tap or fist bump in lieu of a handshake. Each person’s physical boundaries have also been impacted and re-shaped. Businesses are now taking into consideration this boundary and they should acknowledge and support customer expectations for in-store contact.

While in-person shopping still plays an important role in business, customer's needs and expectations for these experiences have shifted already. Many digital native brands started opening their stores last year, hoping to forge stronger customer connection by offering additional and engaging experiences. You should be able to effective market your store and satisfy your customer’s needs.


The question that you can ask yourself before you decide for a physical store is, “What do our customers need from us the most?”


  1. Remove the line between digital and in-person

The pandemic made us realize the possibility of working and getting the job done in the comforts of your own home. For brands, in order to keep their customers happy, they need to make shopping experiences just as fluid.

Retail brands shifted their thinking about online versus in-store experiences. You should be able to allow your customers to have a consistent experience, whether they’re browsing online, shopping in store, or a combination of the two. Find innovative ways to improve the customer experience regardless of where and how your physical store is key to forging lasting connections.

If you want to start your own physical store, you may reach to marketing experts and present your vision for your store. There are lot of marketing agencies in Miami that you can choose from.


  1. Purpose is more important than ever

One of the most important lessons we realized because of the pandemic is that our time, energy and resources are not infinite. Interpersonal relationships became more intentional. In the same way, customers now demand more from companies they do business with.

Brands are trying to come up with their own identity, their vision for the future and who they are as compassionate, thoughtful individuals. As a business owner, you should have a unique approach to your brand and think about how yours can create a meaningful purpose so that you can effectively invite customers to come along with you.



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Fabrizio Colombi

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