4 Ways to Connect Better With Your Audience

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Connecting with your customers is one of the greatest ways to improve the revenue of your business. People like to do business with those that they know, like, and trust. You need to get what they are looking for and provide them with a solution. It will allow you to understand their reactions, wants, and needs. It is also given that many audiences are constantly changing, so it is a great idea to get connected and stay connected with your audience. This way, you will be able to keep up with your target audience and adapt whatever you need to in order to stay relevant.



Here are four things to note if you want to connect better with your audience.


1. Who are you talking to?

The first step is to determine who you are talking to. In other words, you need your target audience. You should be able to know the kind of person you are targeting with your products, the one you will be helping. Take some time to remember what the beginning of the problem-solving journey looked like, laying out the plan from start to finish. With this, you will be able to have even a small idea of how to approach your audience.




2. Methods: Tony Robbin’s BEND WIMP tool

Here is Tony Robbins’s approach to suit your audience’s needs:


B: What does your audience believe about the problem or solution you are offering?

E: How do they evaluate things? What are they going to compare you to?

N: What do they really need?

D: What do they really desire?

W: What are their biggest wounds, or pain points?

I: What are their interests?

M: Who do they look up to? Who are their role models?

P: What are they most proud of?


3. Question the Root of Your Passion.

You can try the famous “5 whys” to answer this question. This is to help you get the real reason or outcome you are looking for. It will also help you get clear on some things. Continuously ask “why” until you reach the root of something. You can also use this technique if you have stubborn or recurrent problems as it is often a symptom of deeper issues. The 5 Whys technique is a simple but powerful tool for cutting quickly through the outward symptoms of a problem to reveal its underlying causes, for you to solve.




4. Be Yourself.

Simple words, but very difficult to put into action. When dealing with your customers, talk to them like they are your friend and you’ll never feel like you’re selling something to them. You can also make the conversation feel natural. Don’t be afraid to tell people who your services are not for. Most businesses are also afraid to narrow down their audience and niche, afraid of turning people away at first and wanting to help everyone. The trick is not to reach everyone, but to reach a single person.




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