5 Mistakes Companies Make When Designing a Logo

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Your business’ logo is your identity, so it should not be sidelined or delegated easily. This is because logos are extremely difficult to get absolutely right, but very easy to get wrong. It is also worth noting that the logo is one of the most important pieces of branding. In fact, for some, it is the one piece of visual branding that is most commonly associated with your company. That’s why you need to get it right.



Here are five mistakes made by logo designers or entrepreneurs so you can avoid them.


1. Low-budget designs

Establishing and sticking to a budget is key for a successful launch of a business. However, branding should have a place in your budget, and the funds should be allocated for that goal. A cheap-looking logo is not good for any business. On the contrary, it should not also be an expensive one. The trick is not to look cheap as it really counts against the interests of the business.

Never use pixelated elements as it could indicate that the design is a vector image. It could also indicate that the elements were potentially copied from someone else’s design. Stock icons and fonts that look store-bought should also be avoided. You should be able to come up with elements that are unique and well thought out.



2. Generic logos

Do not settle down with generic logos. It should draw attention, and a generic logo will not serve the interests of your business. The best way to combat this mistake is not to settle for the first iteration without looking at the other options available. You need to put in the effort and time to work with your designer. Adjust the elements like color, font, and iconography to get a range of possibilities.

If you want your logo game to step up, you may want to look for Miami design agencies that specialize in logo making to help your ideas materialize.



3. Avoid the dreaded copycat logo

The most common mistake that is far too often neglected is that it looks just a little too much like another logo in the business. It is bad enough when a logo is a lookalike of a company that doesn’t even share a market or an industry. It is much worse when your logo resembles that of the competition.



4. Color is not just a personal preference 

Color choice is also a common mistake for your logo. Sometimes, it is caused by a technical failure, like the color rendering somehow went wrong when it got printed out. But the main reason for this poor color choice is a purely personal preference.

You need to be able to be smart when it comes to choosing brand colors. You need to do your research and look into the psychology of colors and your target audience as well. If you want a great logo design, don’t just pick a color you happen to like. It needs deeper meaning for you to effectively convey your branding.


5. The chaos effect

The chaos effect is a combination of poor spacing and too many elements that create a perfect storm of a logo. It's the reason why you would want to look away from it immediately. A logo should be memorable, but not for the wrong reasons.

There are times when your logo is too tiny. Negative space is an important resource to be leveraged to avoid a logo that feels far too busy. Sometimes, the logo ends up too overwhelming to the viewer too. The chaos effect may be a result of trying to get too many messages in too small a space. There should be a balance of everything.



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