Tech Workers Are Leaving Silicon Valley

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Tech Workers Are Leaving Silicon Valley


Engineers and workers in the technology industry are looking to leave Silicon Valley for other tech hubs in Seattle, Washington and Austin, according to a popular job search data website. The website has recently found that during the past months, jobs in San Francisco have been changing dramatically and jobs outside of the bay area are on the rise. Almost 35% of tech jobs searches in the popular job website were opportunities elsewhere. So what's the reason that tech workers are leaving Silicon Valley?

High Rental Rates

There are a lot of major factors that affect the tech workers in Silicon Valley and why they are looking for jobs in other cities. One of these reasons is the very expensive rents in San Francisco. SF is known to have one of the most expensive rents in the United States and some of the workers in Silicon Valley are not from the bay area. People are looking for jobs elsewhere where the opportunities are better and at the same time the rent is not that high because they are simply looking to improve their quality of life.


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Traffic and Cost of Living

Aside from the high rental rates, there are also several reasons why tech workers are leaving the bay area: traffic and cost of living. Even you as a worker would know that your salary is not enough to tend to your basic needs. In San Francisco for the average working man, spending a lot of basic needs can have a huge impact for your quality of life. Traffic can also worsen the problem because the time it takes for you to go to your office is prolonged by traffic jams. Of course traffic is part of our daily lives but if it affects your quality of life, it can also interfere with your work as well.


Major Companies Relocating to Smaller Cities

Because of the influx of talent going into smaller cities, larger companies who are in need of skilled workers also need to put up an office in those cities. In most cases, there are some companies who would even relocate to that city. Migrating to smaller cities is also practiced in some countries as well.


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Why Employers in Silicon Valley don't need to worry

Yes, 35% of tech workers in the Bay Area might be looking for jobs in other cities, but this isn't the end of the world. Sixty-six percent of jobs are still work that is being searched inside of the Bay Area. There are a lot of people not just from the United States but from all over the world that are migrating to the popular city every month. There will definitely  be no shortage of employees but rather this is a sign that technology opportunities in Silicon Valley is here to stay.


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