How To Become an Influencer in Your Industry

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How To Become an Influencer  in Your Industry


Every industry has its influencers, whether you're a blogger, or are involved in the stock exchange, marketing or fitness industry, you can find these leaders anywhere. Influencers are like mentors, they teach other people how to do things right. Coworkers like employees look up to influencers or trendsetters and trust what they say as far as their advice, what books to read and ways to help your business. If you are an influencer, chances are people look up to you because they want to be like you.

However, there are also some people who want to become influencers in their chosen industry, but the problem is that things are not really working out for them. If you are looking to become a trendsetter, below are a few tips that you can follow on how to become an influencer in  your industry.


1. Make your presence known

“Be Everywhere.” If you have been to a lot of leadership seminars, you might have heard of these two words. In order for you to become a successful trendsetter, you will need to make your presence known. Social media and blogs are the best places for you to start. Write blog posts on different blog sites, you can also try to appear in different podcasts, create your very own fan page on Facebook, attend meetings and so on. Being everywhere lets people notice you and you can gain followers at the same time.



2. Keep track of your social profile

Maintaining your social profile can be time consuming, but if you are able to utilize this, it can become a big assent in making your presence known and building your business at the same time. When posting content in your social media profile, like Facebook and Twitter, always remember to stay humble with your post and avoid posting unnecessary content. You can also try to join groups in various social media sites or engage in forums for additional exposure.


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3. Read books specific to your chosen industry

Books are your friends, always remember that. Some books have changed the lives of a lot of influencers in their industry. If you use them the right way, books can really shape your career and how you handle your business. When you are new to the industry, you might be finding it hard to start your business and you might be looking for someone to mentor you. Think of books as your personal teacher. They contain all of the information you need to successfully start being a trendsetter in your industry, and at the same time also maintain being an influence to a lot of people. Once you are a successful influencer, you can also write your very own book so that you can also help young entrepreneurs.


4. Attend a lot of meetings and seminars

Seminars and meetings might not suit you, but if you are looking to be a trendsetter, it might be best to attend these events. Meetings and seminars can really build a strong relationship with your audience, especially if you will be speaking in that event. People always feel that it is awesome when they meet an up-and-coming trendsetter in person. Attending these events can kick start your career as  an influencer in your chosen industry.

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