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It may seem confusing at first. Especially because both UX and UI complement each other and even at times work in unison. These terms are often mistaken from each other too vaguely to concretely understand and distinguish the two. At the most intrinsic level, the UI creates the presentation and productivity of a website. Basically, it is the functioning skeletal structure of a website and how it operates. Let’s say you have the UI running smoothly but the links load slowly, the images don’t show up and the search function feels unresponsive and shows ambiguous results. Those errors and problems are usually handled by a UX designer. These are both important aspects in order for a user to enjoy a product.






User eXperience, or UX for short, is the system of research, developing and refining of how a user interacts with all the aspects of a company to ensure their needs are met and they had a appreciated the whole interaction. The UX doesn’t just mean the technology involved but it is how the UX designer sets it up on how a user can interact with a company including even the customer service. Their responsible for how their company’s product best meet their user’s needs.





If the UX was what makes the product run smoothly and makes it easier for users, the User Interface is the basic skeletal structure and the aesthetic façade of the product. The UI designer is the one who creates the presentation of a product. It is not only limited to just simply picking pictures and a logo but has a lot of intricacies and nuances. They are responsible for how everything in a product should be aesthetically designed and aligns to each other. Their challenge is how to draw in clients as before assessing your content and services, they will often look at the layout and design. This is what usually hooks them to try your product or at the least pique their interest.





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