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Static content, by definition, is any content that can be delivered to an end-user without having to be generated, modified, or processed. The server delivers the same file to each user, making static content one of the simplest and most efficient content types to transmit over the Internet. And right now, static marketing content is outdated, just like print-only newspapers. To an average reader, static digital content is useless. One hardly stands out from others, which means brands blend, and ideas fade.



What the readers crave for is interactive content. Some people might think it is expensive and labor-intensive but, in fact, it's easy, fast, and even free.

These tools allow you to start immediately interacting with customers, which draws them in and converts at higher rates and gives feedback to improve a business.


  1. PlayBuzz

PlayBuzz is tailored to empower companies to generate an interactive feature, embed it in their marketing content, and watch user engagement rise and their network grow. With it, you can create free countdowns, polls, personality quizzes, flip cards, trivia, rankable lists, general lists, gallery quizzes, and a swipe voting feature made popular by dating apps. PlayBuzz is user-friendly because it might make you forget you’re working while playing with the design tools and fun features.


  1. SlideShare

Slide presentations are a staple in every professional, whether it’s from business training, college lectures, or group projects. SlideShare can be embedded into a blog post and it breaks down a topic for readers in a more visual way, instead of static paragraphs of text. Readers appreciate options for taking in information and understanding their limits. SlideShare transforms already written content into powerful snippets of data.


  1. GIFs

These cute little graphics always excel at entertaining and inserting some fun into your digital content. It shows you have a sense of humor and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. However, make sure to use it appropriately.  This type of interactive content is rising on social platforms because of the flashy element and viral qualities. 


  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are not just for listeners of public radio. The audio format is a lifesaver for the busy professional. It also gives multitaskers a chance to consume content on their terms. Learn the basics of putting up a podcast. It is also good to pay attention to which length is appropriate. Guests can also be a good idea. Try to implement different segments to break up the monotony of a single episode. Keep your eyes and ears open always. Podcasting is just as much about listening as it is about talking.


  1. YouTube Videos

Embedding YouTube videos can make your post more interesting. Adding a video gives readers the option to watch a video instead of reading the post. This can also mean that you won’t lose any readers who are more interested in video content. Most of all, it makes your post a lot easier to scroll through and it gives readers a chance to interact and engage with your post.



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Written by Daniela Belevan

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