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The Difference Between UX and UI

2 minute reading
It may seem confusing at first. Especially because both UX and UI complement each other and even at times work in unison. These terms are often mistaken from each other too vaguely to concretely understand and distinguish the two. At the most intrinsic level, the UI creates the presentation and productivity of a website. Basically, it is the functioning skeletal structure of a website and how it operates. Let’s say you have the UI running smoothly but the links load slowly, the images don’t show...
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What is the Difference Between UX and UI?

# user experience
2 minute reading
Nowdays in the tech industry, the term UX and UI seem to be used a lot. If you are new to these terms, then you might be confused as to what these are. UI is short for user interface and UX is for user experience. These terms might be new to some, but to tell the truth, these have been used long bef...
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