Why Do Consumers Read Blogs and How Can You Attract Them?

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Blogging is very beneficial to any marketing strategy. It helps businesses boost leads, SEO, and credibility. About 60% of consumers read blog content almost regularly. The trick here is to know how to get into a consumer’s head and figure out how to motivate them into reading your blog posts.



A recent survey shows that more people are actually driven to read blogs that teach them how to do something new. Some read blogs just to be entertained. Others want to learn about news or trends in their job industry.

Given this information, you need to create content that provides some type of informative value or entertainment with topics that solely discuss the brand or product.

Let’s discuss more the top reasons why people read blogs and learn how to attract them.


1. People read blogs to learn something new.

This is the most common reason why people read blogs. Blogs include guides, step-by-step processes, tutorial videos, or fast-facts to gain a large amount of search traffic. Most people rely on Google searches for anything that they are curious about these days.

According to research, humans crave valuable information similar to how they crave food and financial wealth. You need to create content that does not just peak curiosity but also discusses topics related to your brand, service or products.


2. People read blogs to be entertained.

As much as people crave knowledge, they also want to be entertained. It is a staple in their everyday lives to read blogs that tell interesting stories, funny, and intriguing content. In 2020 alone, researchers have discovered that consumers were watching videos and consuming online content for the sake of fun and escapism.

The goal here is to think of creative ways how you can effectively entertain your audience while staying on brand. Maybe create a fun infographic or post a photo that’s in trend in your industry to see if you can gain attention from enthusiasts. You can also lean into a fun but informative type of content for your blog posts if you feel like it. This might not be as entertaining as you want but it will be more interesting than the average blogs people in your field might be reading.


3. People read blogs to learn about trends related to their job industry.

Some people are interested in reading blogs that discuss a specific product or brand and some are intrigued by an industry your product is affiliated with.  This means that those in the same workforce will read a blog if it educates them or provides them with valuable information about their industry. This is a great opportunity to expand the topics of your content. Respond to trends and write about breaking news related to your field. You can also position your blog as the go-to place for the latest industry trend insights, giving out educational information and general tips.



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