Top 3 Reasons Why Consumers Read Blogs in 2020

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There's a misconception that blogging does not generate enough leads. Especially in 2020 when a lots of people are always glued to mobile phones, switching from one app to another.  However, for many marketers, blogging is still incredibly valuable. Surveys show that although 40% of people never read blogs, more than 60% of consumers read content on a regular basis. This simply means that blogging is still alive and effective, but maybe a little work is needed for people to start reading blogs again. The way you approach blogging matters now more than ever.



Here are the three reasons why the general consumer population is driven to read blogs.


  1. People read blogs to learn new information.

This is by far the most common reason why people read blogs. A lot of blog posts include guides, step-by-step processes, tutorial videos, or fast-facts to gain a large amount of search traffic. People are always looking up for instructions on how to do certain things on Google every single day.

People crave for new information the same way they crave for food. For bloggers, they should take this as an advantage by creating content that strikes curiosity, while discussing topics related to the brand, service, or product.

  1. People read blogs to be entertained.

As much as people crave knowledge, they also like to be entertained. A lot of people read blogs that tells them interesting stories to make them feel certain kind of emotions.

Creating interesting stories might be a little challenging for bloggers. One way to do this is to create a fun and engaging infographics, or even a visual post about a viral trend in your current industry. The goal here is not for people to invest in the viral trend but to also be able to get them entertained.

Alternatively, one can create a fun but informative video or podcast that you can insert in your blog post. With this, you could dive deeper into discussing a viral marketing trend, or interview an industry expert where your listeners would be interested. This might not be entertaining to a lot of people, but it is valuable for those who want to know more information about the topic you posted.

  1. People read blogs to learn about trends related to their job industry.

People may not be interested in reading your blog posts regarding your brand and products, but they may be more intrigued by a blog that discusses an industry your product is affiliated with. Additionally, someone will definitely read a blog if it educates them or provides them with the information they are affiliated with.

To properly enter your desired industry, you can experiment with tactics like becoming an influencer in your industry. You can also write about the latest news or trends related to your field. In this way, you will be able to deliver critical information to the right people and they will come back to your blog posts for additional information.



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Written by Daniela Belevan

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