Why Videos are Important in E-Commerce in 2020

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Creating quality videos is hard and we know it. With e-commerce, producing quality videos is even a bit more challenging. Equipment is expensive, which makes the professionals that can effectively do the job costs even more. That is why most businesses settle for photos and graphics for marketing purposes. However, given the expense videos carry, it is important to see how it can effectively help market your products or services to your target audience. This can be your breakthrough in gaining the market that you desire.



Video is the number one content type used by marketers to sell products and services. This is according to recent reports from a survey conducted, marketers said that video marketing is the top content type being produced in their content marketing programs, overcoming blog posts for the first time in years.

73% more visitors who watch product videos are more likely to make a purchase. A lot of reports show that products are more likely to sell if there are videos created for them. This is because it is easy to consume information with little effort which prompts more purchases. By incorporating videos as a marketing strategy, your buyers are able to understand the products you sell, and they will have an intent to purchase the product. It clears up a lot of confusion.

With today’s generation, Gen Z prefers branded videos or ads that show someone talking about products. They are one of the most digitally connected, and also the most budget-conscious generations. That is why product reviews are rampant in any social media platform. Today’s generation looks for video-based ads, demos, tutorials, unboxings, or video reviews from influencers in the industry in order to see how well the product works and what it looks like in real life.




Given these statistics, now is the time to know what should be included in your videos. It is suggested to go for demo or tutorial videos. These videos walk through how the product or service works so a consumer can see how it functions in a real-world setting.

Influencer marketing videos are also the trend today. This is for businesses that don’t have the time to produce product videos. You can collaborate with influencers by posting a video on their networks talking about or promoting your product.

If you want a short and more concise video, you can opt for ads or video promotions. Because it is shorter, it highlights the product or service and all their features, however, this does not need to go into full detail about how it works.

User-generated content can be the most effective marketing promotion any business can use. If you have happy customers, encourage them to film a video review or unboxing that you can publicly share over social media platforms. Authentic reviews are what drives new customers from trying your product or service. You have to make sure that you ask permission from your customers to reveal their identity across all platforms before posting their reviews or testimonials.


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