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Video content has become one of the most popular and lucrative media sources out there. Youtube, the elite platform of the video content, has stated that they have over a billion users and over a billion hours of their videos are being watched on their platform. Those are some insane numbers but they are true and the platform keeps on growing and advancing. It’s no wonder it’s a forefront of the video media platform. With so many users, viewers and subscribers now, Youtube and other video platforms have become diluted and it has become a challenge to stand out of the crowd. 



This is also why being aware of your metrics can help you adjust or improve your content. This means you should set your goals as a content creator. Most people aren’t aware of what metrics should be important and what each metrics means for you. The fact is that metrics identifies how many people are being exposed to your content and brand. These are some of the metrics to improve your content and what each means as a content creator.

View Count

This is the most visible and basic metric for a video. We all know that getting a lot of views means how much your content can attract attention. The problem with this is that most viewers and users are not aware of when a view is recognized and counted. Facebook and Instagram have 3 seconds before it can be counted. The fact that Youtube can cater to long video content means a longer count duration of 30 seconds. A good rule of thumb would be treating view count more like reach.





If you have you want to get more views on your videos, make sure they're fun and shareable! This is the highest form of flattery for a video because this means that viewers liked it so much that they decided that the whole world should also know how good it was. It also opens an avenue for potentially new viewers and subscribers to widen your reach. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask for likes and even shares at the end of your videos

Watch Time

This metric takes a bit more effort to track over all the other ones as this takes the average and estimated total minutes spent viewing your content. This sets if your videos do reflect well with your target market and tells if your content is engaging enough to even hold their attention. The longer they stay watching your video even up to the end means you have good content to offer 

Video media isn’t slowing down any time soon and will stay relevant for years to come. The fact that you’re willing to give some time to learn and understand metrics mean a highly possible future for success with your content.







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