4 Video Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

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Before, video marketing was considered an expensive way of advertising. Now, 92% of marketers are declaring that video is a significant part of their marketing activities. The question now is: what kind of video marketing trends have evolved with this change?





Because many companies have started using videos for marketing purposes, more consumers are watching them more and more every year. By next year, it is expected that the average person will be spending no less than 100 minutes per day watching videos. However, we cannot change the fact that video marketing continues to change because of the constant shifts in viewer preferences, platform offerings, and advertising options.


Here are some of the most popular video marketing trends that brands should be aware of in order to stay on top of their campaigns.


1. Story About a “Story”

When Snapchat first launched the “story” feature, other social media platforms immediately followed because of its success. The form did not change, only the perspective. Users have 24 hours to watch it or it’s gone forever. This became the ultimate social media game that users like, which led to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube creating their own version of this feature. It also opened a range of new marketing opportunities.

Stories are now transformed into a type of vlogs and as such, they will continue to take off. These Stories are done in the spur of the moment and in low quality so viewers can find it natural and not scripted. This opens more space for advertising and some research shows that it is an effective marketing tool.


2. The Instagram Video

Instagram may not be the biggest social network, but its users really loved the app. Currently, there are around 800 million monthly active users, 500 million of them are active daily, and almost 250 million users post Stories every day. This is good marketing potential for brands.

In response to the growing market in Instagram, they introduced its IGTV platform in 2018, which is an alternative to YouTube, supporting videos up to 60 minutes.


3. LinkedIn Video Marketing Trends

LinkedIn is the right platform when it comes to presenting your business and brand to your professional network. With the rise of video marketing comes the rise of LinkedIn videos. Most businesses try to do a short ad video because it gets more attention. They use it for presenting their products or simply telling a story, either about their company or a new product, feature, or business venture.


4. Hello TikTok

TikTok is now well known as the most downloaded non-gaming app on the Apple Store as of last year. With almost 800 million users, it has caught the eye of many marketers and has started advertising its products as well.

For TikTok, it encourages its users to upload short videos, mostly up to 15 seconds. But with its growth in popularity, the variety of videos people upload changed, as well as the profile of its users. For businesses with a Gen Z audience, this is a great way to tap them. It is also predicted that TikTok is going to stay on the marketing sky, shaping the future of video marketing trends.



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