5 Tips on How to Use Content for Customer Acquisition

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Producing content for marketing purposes is important. However, you need to have a specific reason why you are making content. Is it for the sake of just publishing content or is it to attract customers and close sales?



If you are creating content to attract potential customers, uploading content across all your customer acquisition channels will give you the highest possible ROI. Here are 5 tips on how to use content effectively in order to attract and close customers. Read on and identify which tactics make the most sense for your business.




  1. SEO

Amazing content will not flourish if it is not search-engine-optimized. One tip is to publish new content on a regular basis to engage visitors and improve the “freshness” of your website. For old content, update them for improved performance so that it creates a perception among your prospects that your website’s data is current and accurate.


It is essential to build content for your website that answers common customer questions. By building this, you will naturally incorporate the many different keyword variations prospects and leads used to discuss your brand’s products and services. It will also help improve your search visibility.


  1. Paid Search and Social Ads

You need to incorporate this trick strategically in order for you to bring in new customers using this method. One effective way is to develop lead magnet content that can be given away to encourage paid and clickthrough. For your landing pages, the paid ad clicks lead should have high-value content for the Lead Score to give relevance to your ads. You should also use the data gathered by the ad analytics to identify content gaps on your website where it limits visitors from converting into customers.


  1. Organic Social Media Marketing

Getting creative and enticing your customers is key if you want to pursue organic social media marketing. Load all new content pieces created for your website into your social channels. Then develop exclusive content for social followers based on the data analytics presented to you. Use content to drive engagement in free or paid social groups and encourage them to produce user-generated content that can be leveraged in other customer acquisition campaigns.


  1. Guest Blogging

To expand your brand reach, you can also write content to be featured on other websites. Create a customer landing page for websites you guest blog from to encourage opt-ins and also feature your top-performing content. You can also offer a unique coupon code to guest blog readers so you can turn individual articles into customer acquisition centers.


  1. Email Marketing

There are subscribers who might be interested in the content you have to share so it is best to customize it to their liking. You can use interests in different content pieces you’ve created so that you can build list segments and target specific conversion appeals. You can then ask for their responses to these content pieces so that you could gain insight into their thoughts and concerns. This strategy will definitely help you improve your ability to release customer acquisition content in the future.





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