5 Best Marketing Ideas for Easter in 2021

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In a few weeks, we'll be celebrating Easter Sunday. This is the perfect time for small businesses to promote their products or services around the this special holiday. With the ongoing pandemic, many consumers continue to choose to shop online, especially during national holidays. Remind your customers that spring is in the air, birds are tweeting, and summer is just around the corner.



Start creating your marketing campaign for Easter this year using these five simple marketing ideas for your business.


1. Send out a newsletter with a touch of Easter flair.

This applies to businesses that have email marketing campaigns or regularly send newsletters to their customers. If you don’t already do this, you should definitely consider doing so.

You need to remember that your most valuable customers are the loyal ones. If you send out a newsletter, this gives you the opportunity to promote your product or services. Maybe promote a special Easter product or a sale and don't forget to highlight it at the top of the email.

For those who are not trying to promote their products for this event, you can also incorporate Easter through your decorations in your email. This will remind your customers that they need to start thinking about the holiday because it is quickly approaching.


2. Tweak your website.

During any big holiday, try to spice up your website and do something different. Add a little extra flair because it can put your customers in a shopping mood. Try adding a simple Easter-themed photo or header image. This can make a difference and will inspire your customers to shop.


3. Create an online Easter egg hunt.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can also create an Easter egg hunt on your website. This can be an entertaining way to offer a discount to your customers. Your customers will have to scan through your entire website to find them and check out certain pages that they might not have visited otherwise. This will increase website traffic and at the same time, customers will become aware of what you can offer through your website.


4. Get your social media accounts in the mix.

A proper campaign will need help from social media. Synchronize your social media pages and posts to fit the look and feel of your website and newsletter. This can be the perfect platform to remind your followers if you have an on-going contest and encourage them to follow your account. This will get them to regularly check your posts or set their notifications on.


5. Run paid ads.

Although social media platforms are effective, you can also consider running some paid ads, like Google Adwords for an additional boost. You can target consumers precisely while focusing on a campaign theme. Create the ad, set your budget, and check how effective the ad is regularly. You can also run multiple ads at the same time to test which ones are getting the most clicks. Then adjust appropriately. This optimization strategy is also effective even without any national holiday.




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