Top St. Patrick's Marketing Ideas to Get Lucky this Year

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March 17th is St. Patrick, and every year it gets celebrated with much grandeur in Ireland and globally. This time, everyone seems to be excited for the Irish celebration which means this can be a perfect time to create a timely St. Patrick’s Day marketing strategy.



If you are running out of ideas, these five marketing ideas that you can use and integrate

into your products or services for this celebration.


  1. Go green.

We all know that green is the theme color for St. Patrick’s Day, so it is a must-have for you to incorporate it in the marketing plan for this day. Make green a part of your social media and email marketing messages for the week. And if you happen to have green products, you can create a thematic display of your products. If you have an e-commerce store, you can feature them on your home page and run promotions on those products.

You can also introduce environment-friendly and healthy initiatives like planting trees, saving paper, recycling, or promoting health by eating greens or going vegan.


  1. Call on the luck of the Irish.

This is the perfect day to ensure your customers feel lucky. You can set-up a few things like run special deals and promotions on St. Patrick’s Day. You can also ask them to shop with themed costumers and offer them special deals for participation.


  1. Launch St. Patrick’s Day special campaigns.

It is best to generate buzz and create brand awareness before the event so people can have enough time to see the campaign. You can also create promotional videos of your products with St Paddy’s Day themes in the visuals and audio.

You can also host in in-store event, like videos, or podcasts to interact with your customers on St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure to incorporate the theme everywhere to make it livelier and more exciting.


  1. Leverage user-generated content.

People love to share their pictures and videos on social media. You can encourage customers to share their pictures and videos with special social media hashtags or branded hashtags centered around this day to drive brand engagement.

Additionally, you can also create social media campaigns where customers can post images wearing or using green-themed products. You can also ask customers about their favorite menu during an Irish feast and lucky winners can get a family reservation in a restaurant. Get your customers in the action and prepare for prizes along the way


  1. Go all out with video marketing.

Video marketing is an effective way to boost customers. Whether you are in B2C or a B2B, having a video marketing strategy is necessary. For the celebration, you can create St. Patrick’s Day-themed videos with humorous behind the scenes videos of your employees. You can also invite customers to test your special or “green” products and record their reactions to share on social media. You can also have themed interactive videos where customers can learn more about your brand and win prizes at the end.




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