How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Artificial Intelligence, or most popularly known as AI, is undeniably leading the revolution of the marketing world. Some people say that AI will be the end of humankind because of its given ability to replace humans, especially in the workforce. But assuming that men will still be present to supervise the activities of AI, it will surely be very efficiencient, cut a lot of unnecessary costs especially in terms of labor, and will drive a huge impact on innovation. 



But the ultimate question is, is it true that Artificial Intelligence can improve your content marketing strategy? To answer this, we have listed a few AI-enabled applications that could lead to major changes in content marketing. 


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1. Biometric Sensors and detectors 

It's no secret that Artificial Intelligence will expand your business brainpower. AI enabled biometric sensors are capable of capturing images of individual biological traits including the person’s other unique traits such as his/her probable likes based on the clothes he/she is wearing. Other characteristics may also be captured by the biometric sensor, such as food or drinks that a person likes depending on what they're currently having.  Even a person’s haircut or hairstyle may be described and be part of the special traits that may be enrolled into the AI enabled biometric system. This will allow the AI assisted system to make a list of predictions to their mood or personality. Content marketers can take advantage of this by using these predicted personalities as their basis on the type of content to send to that particular target market. 


2.Dapp (Decentralized applications)  

Ever heard of bitcoins? If you’ve ever heard of this one then by all means you may also be well-aware of what decentralized applications are or more popularly known as Dapp. Dapp is an open-source application which operates independently without the control of any entity. Aside from its autonomous nature, all information recorded in this system is cryptographically kept in a decentralized blockchain which is open to the public. Users of this app can only utilize cryptocurrencies or app coins for access and distribution, which is quick and affordable. What are the quick wins for content marketers when it comes to dapps? Artificial Intellignence has the ability to provide its users customized content which targets their specific needs and interests. Content marketers can make use of these interest-specific content and use cryptocurrencies to reward consumption such as when consumers take a specific quiz or subscribe to a certain website, an amount of cryptocurrency may be given away as prizes for the site visitors and actual clients. 


3. AI + IoT : the future of Content Marketing 

What is IoT exactly? IoT, or the Internet of things, refers to the interrelation of specific devices which are capable to transfer data towards a network without needing for a command of a computer or human intervention. So how will IoT impact content marketing? For example, by studying the appliances’ data that is transferred, a marketer will be able to determine if Consumer A usually orders brewed coffee. Everytime IoT devices run low on coffee, an order for brewed coffee is automatically placed. This is a great way to make communicaton with your clients more personalized with Artificial Intelligence. This info will allow the content marketer to focus on this specific interest and will feature content revolving around the benefits of brewed coffee, different brands of brewed coffee, and all other essential things that coffee lover needs to know. 




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