Best Tips When Presenting a Webinar in 2020

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Webinars have now become an effective way to deliver information, influencing the masses and even creating potential business prospects. It’s a highly-cost effective means of presentation especially for long distance seminars or workshops. The classic seminar structure can still be effective in its own way but venue and tools can be hassle to produce and set-up, especially for places that are far-off for the speaker and hosts. It’s a rising trend in the modern world and a very efficient medium of presentation. Its popularity alone doesn’t result in a successful delivery. The content that you intend to share and the overall way you conduct the webinar is what will define how successful you are as a speaker and host. This is why you should be aware of the best practices when delivering a webinar.



Time is of the essence especially when you are delivering a webinar presentation. You should understand that the audience gave their free time to log-in and join your conference. You should stress that everything you do should be either early or on time. If you want to convert webinar into sales, the first thing you can do is set invitations to your intended audience and keep sending a reminder every few day leading up to the day of your webinar. You should understand why being early to your own webinar can be beneficial. You can check the tools if they are working online so that you don't have to take the extra time to troubleshoot anything if any problem rises.


You will be facing a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and possibly different speeds of internet.  It may be difficult to get the hang of it at first but you should be able to estimate a good speed of pacing that accommodates everyone and helps them understand the presentation better. You should never rush a presentation, especially when showcasing an app or software. These programs take time to open and close especially for heavier applications. You can also state the flow of your webinar so your audience are prepared to focus on the important segments and expect when they can already ask questions rather than insert them any time in your presentation.





You can never be too cautious and never be too prepared. Its better to prevent any problems and troubleshooting rather than waste crucial time on those same things. Webinars tend to have a set schedule and most people are not willing to extend. You should also close all the unnecessary tools and apps. Your MS office tools and Messenger should be enough to run a professional webinar. The last thing you want is your audience looking at personal messages or pictures just because you didn’t close it right.



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