Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

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It's the new year, and if your brand didn’t reach what you expected it to be or that it was an unexpected success and now you want to ride that momentum into the next year. The social media landscape is still at its peak performance and it continues to evolve and adapt as people’s preferences also change with time. A new year means new trends to meet and possibly even new internet algorithms to tackle. You may not be able to accurately predict what 2020 will bring, but you can still be ready for it by at least avoiding these social media mistakes in 2020.



One of the most crucial things you should set for your business is who you are and what you want your customers to see you as. We tend to think that a new year means a new identity. This shouldn’t always be the case for brands especially for brands on social media. For one, you may lose your already loyal audience if you decide to do some drastic sudden revamps and two, new clientele may be confused as you what you really represent. The best you can do is to trust your brand identity, strengthen what worked last year and improve on the things that didn’t go right. Consistency will always be the key even for something as dynamic as social media marketing.



We tend to think that social media is an exposure game and the more content you get out to public, the more exposure we can get in the end. This is fine but only if you can couple that with high quality content, and most creators aren’t able to do that. We know it can be a quality versus quantity dilemma but you should understand that bad content produces bad reviews and experiences and these reviews tend to influence people. This is why you should actually never post content for the sake of just posting. You’re just fooling yourself and your audience for efforts that was lacking and forced on. The best content creators know that they don’t need to daily posts as long as their original content can already do the job for them.



Most social media platforms didn’t start out as market environments. They were a place where people connected and shared their lives. Businesses often tend to overdo it with their selling, especially when there’s a quota or deadline looming for them. Most people get it that you’re selling something but it doesn’t mean you get to shove it in their face every time they see your posts. It actually tends to push them away from your brand. It’s not wrong that you want to sell your services or products but you should also build their trust and interest with you. That trust is the foundation of every loyal customer for any market brand. 



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Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

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