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Much has been said about content marketing and a number of strategies astounded us who are currently striving to be on top of search engine ranking. But for now, forget about those modern tactics surrounding the web, and let’s go a little backward on what we have done in the previous years. I’m talking about those old business content that hit popularity a long time ago. It’s no doubt that your blog posts dated a few months or a few years ago were already left untouched. You thought they were nothing but an old file stocked in a box. Embrace yourself for this mystery I’m about to reveal. If you didn't know yet, your old content has the potential power to generate more leads, and more likely, bigger sales.

A Mere Trial and Error
An online digital marketing firm tried what they call “historical optimization”, empowering their old business content – those which have attained popularity a long time ago – to generate more leads. It was but a mere trial and error without any assurances that it would work. The firm started updating its old posts, revising terms, and designs, and adding ideas that work in the present marketing society. To their surprise, historical optimization worked and it indeed gave a boost to their visits and conversion rates.

As a result, their monthly leads have doubled and their organic search views were optimized by an average of 106%.

Historical Optimization Techniques

You can also try this idea. Do you have blog posts with high visits that have generated leads before? If you do, then these techniques might help you optimize your content and double your leads and conversions as well.

1) Determine the popular and less popular posts
To determine your popular posts means you also determine those which are less popular. With that, you can start thinking about ways how to lift them up, make revisions probably, by giving stronger points, and improving designs to become more engaging content.

2) Improve traffic of high-converting posts
It’s an advantage to have high-converting posts and your business may grow well with it. But you know for a fact that those posts aren’t making lots of traffic. Think about this; with that content’s potential for conversion, it would be more powerful when given more traffic.

3) Optimize your keywords
Keywords are powerful terms for visibility. Using keyword planners, you can track down what specific keywords are currently used by searchers to find content like yours. As you determine the most powerful keyword and incorporate them into your post's call-to-action, you will acquire terms that can help leg up your site’s visibility.

4) Enhance your paragraph and designs
A little tweak of your paragraphs can make a big difference to your engagement. When it comes to design, you can unleash more power from your content when it appears appealing and visually enticing. Readers first look at the design prior to reading it. Most likely, they wouldn’t spare some time reading when the color and layout of the content look bad.

You have been so busy publishing new posts, thinking that more content could mean more traffic and sales. End that wrong notion now as the number doesn’t yield that result. What’s more important is that you were able to engage readers and give them a reason to come back for more amazing and informational content to read. Historical optimization is able to do that for you.

Florence Valderrama

Written by Florence Valderrama

Florence is the content and social media specialist at DecoGraphic. Drop her a line if you have any interesting topics that you would like to learn more about!


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