How to Succeed With Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation refers to marketing efforts and tasks that have been automated using a specific software. They are typically triggered by a consumer action, like subscribing to a blog, filling out a form, or making a purchase.



Marketing automation is important because it produces pre-written and scheduled email ready to go out when customers complete certain tasks on your website. Other marketing automation includes social media, advertising, and SMS marketing automation. Internal automation is also included, helping team members manage marketing tasks.

Marketing automation can make your life easier, however, you should remember that it should not replace the human touch. Consumers appreciate the timeliness and thoughtfulness of automation, but they can also sense a bot-written copy or stale imagery.


Learn how to effectively use marketing automation to your advantage.


Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is the most common use of automation. It ranges from welcome emails, post-purchase emails, and re-engagement emails. Without email marketing automation and workflows, sending these emails can be a tedious process.

Email automation is typically triggered by time or action. One best example is an email sent on certain occasions, such as a customer’s birthday or a special holidays. For action-based emails, these are triggered by actions taken by a website visitor, lead, or customer who then received an email or series of emails related to that specific action.


Social Media Marketing Automation

Automation of certain tools in improving your social media presence can be an effective tool for you to reach out to customers. Curate relevant content and schedule social media posts in advance can be an effective tool. Look for tools online that would allow you to schedule content, set social media monitoring filters, and even automate the response to support your customers. Again, this should never replace genuine, human interaction with your followers and customers.


Advertising Automation

Retargeting is a type of advertising promotion where it automatically shifts and smartens its strategy in response to consumer behavior. So, if a customer visits your website, your automation will respond by displaying relevant ads on the sites they browse next. This simply means you never have to worry about hiring a designer to create ads. Additionally, it makes the media buying process more efficient by reducing the amount of time it takes to buy and sell placement. It could also bring more transparency, visibility, and cost efficiency to businesses.


Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile marketing automation is similar to traditional marketing automation, but it is designed specifically for use with mobile devices. This type of automation may not be widely used as traditional marketing automation yet, but it is gaining popularity as mobile devices continue to rise. AS SMS marketing becomes more popular, and with the rise of the internet, companies are adding mobile marketing to their mobile marketing automation tool belts. Just like emails, text messages can also be automated and triggered based on time or actions. This type of automation often has a higher and faster open rate.



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