5 Tips For Successful Conversion Rates

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Daniela Belevan

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tips for successful converstion rates

Inviting potential customers to be part of your business isn’t the key in mastering the art of sale, but it is about moving them down the sales funnel all the way to the contract’s “dotted line”. This is the part where a lot of businesses get lost along the way. Read more to learn tips for successful conversion rates.


What do you think these businesses are doing wrong if they can generate more leads but are unable to turn them into actual customers?

A successful lead engagement is creating a personal relationship with your customers. Having a face to face interaction may not be as common as before, but this still acts as the heart of sales. Though technology is useful in tracking the customer engagement, an individualized approach is still the reason of having a successful sale in today’s modern world.

Building a connection to a modern and competitive world can be challenging, but when these proper techniques are utilized right, it might give you a head start.



Provide Value

The value for your customers. This is the start and the end of the sale process. Being able to see the value of what you can offer – something your customers want. Businesses don’t consider crafting a good value as a critical step for a successful lead management.

Give your customers the content they want with a format that they need. Direct piece for a baby boomer – mobile app for a millennial. Video content is perfect for a lot of potential clients as long as you’re proving them the right content for the right product.

Provide information

Engage your potential customers by giving them a lot of information as soon as possible.  Be sure that your team knows your company so they can identify if it’s a potential customer or not. Be sure to reach out FIRST if you have their information. Keep customers on a loop by giving them a sense of being valued and not just a number on your sales chart.

Maintain Integrity

The essential part of a lead engagement process and a successful relationship is honesty. There’s no good reason for you to offer your potential customers anything that is misleading. Keep in mind that it is  a solid rule for every business to commit to honesty and integrity in whatever problems come up. Any kind of false information may have a negative outcomes that could damage your business and would affect not just your potential leads but also your existing customers.


Create an Experience

People are driven by humanity. Think on how you can improve what you offer to your potential leads. The sales process is like a chain where every piece is linked to another piece before and after. So create tighter chains that are more effective in engaging with your lead customers.


Tailor Your Approach

By identifying your potential leads you get to know which point they're in the sales funnel. Are they ready to buy or are they just doing a research? All your engagements to each potential client should be different.

Lead engagement should be a unique and individual experience that is personalized to every customer. Be sure to adjust your approach to where they are – this is the best way to give them that human appreciation that they need. 



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Daniela Belevan

Written by Daniela Belevan

Daniela Belevan is the Marketing Director at DecoGraphic, managing and implementing inbound marketing strategies. When she’s not at Deco uploading blogs or optimizing client’s websites, you can find her lifting (or attempting to lift) heavy at CrossFit.

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