The conversion value of writing good copy

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Many underestimate the selling power of good copywriting. Sure it may not need one to utse flowery language just like fiction but it sells well because it enables the reader to connect with the product. The better the content, the more it resonates to the people.

But the big question is this: what makes a great ad copy great?

There are three things one should consider to come up with a great ad. Research, headlines and practices.

You think its passion, when in fact it's research

There are two types of copywriters to be begin with: the brander and the direct responder. The brander writes an ad copy meant to promote a product or service for people to review. While the direct responder aims to create content that would generate instant sales. No matter what type of copy write, doing research for content is as important as writing the article itself.

The reason behind this is that you won’t be able to get the right words that would fit to the subject or topic on hand. Every brand has a story to tell and it is up to the copy writer to write it in as many angles as possible to keep it fresh and to prevent it from looking like a copy. Furthermore, it is also their task to make a brand stand out from a congested niche market.

Here are three things that you should consider and keep in mind when you are doing your research.

1.       Who is my audience? Where are they located? Will this answer their questions?

2.       What is my product? What is it made of? Is this something that my audience is looking for?

3.       What is my industry niche? How will I stand out against my competitors?


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Stronger headlines, stronger sales

When we read the newspaper, what is the first thing that we usually see? The headlines. This also applies in copy writing. Your headlines should catch your audience’s attention, and it should also be able to give them an idea on what the article or the product is all about. At times coming up with the right headline will take longer than the writing process itself.



Practicing best practices

Once you’ve gotten the two sorted out, it is time to apply best practices and that would include SEO. Everything will fall into place if you’ve done your research and have studied not only your product but your market and target audience as well. It will not be easy as you might experience a few bumps in the road but it is part of the learning process all the same. This is something big companies such as Pepsodent, Daihatsu and Nike do and if they can do, so can you.


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 What conversion value of writing good copy do you believe the the write amount of value, remember no copy is made equal. Everyone has their own way of goign about it and we'd love to hear what you have to say about the value of writing good copy.

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