How to Get People to Subscribe to Your Email List in 2020

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Digital marketing is a never-ending stream of new technologies and platforms that changes constantly. It is always evolving, and it may be hard to catch-up to. However, when growing your email list and email marketing, you should stick with the more traditional, straightforward, and tried-and-true methods.



An email list is a group of subscribers, which comprises both customers and site visitors. There are various ways you can create an email list. The most common is collecting emails at checkout. This can be set up easily with an e-commerce platforms, or with a CMS like HubSpot. Always make sure that you don't require your clients to create a new account. Customers usually abandon their cart when they're required to create an account.

Another way is through signup forms on your site. E-commerce platforms are making it easy and simple to add email signup forms to your website. They can also be added to a sidebar, the footer, or as an exit intent pop-up.

But it should not stop there. Growing your and building your e-mail list can be beneficial for you to reach out to potential customers. Thus, investing in an email marketing platform is a must. You just need the right tools that can help you incorporate email personalization and segmentation. And most especially, it could help you automate your email and social media campaigns.

Learn these simple yet creative ways to grow your email list.

  1. Instagram Posts

Having a good social media presence is important when growing your email list. Most businesses try to schedule their posts, upload photos and videos, and tag products to their e-commerce store. It is also suggested to use custom hashtags for people to easily find your brand.

Instagram as a platform has some drawbacks, like the inability to include links in posts. However, you can just make it work by including your email signup link in your Instagram bio. Just make sure to always advertise where your link is to make your clients aware of where to find it.

  1. Short Videos

Short videos are becoming popular in email marketing campaigns mainly because people love videos. It increases engagement with very little investment. Once people like what they see, there is a big chance they would share, comment, or like the video. Start incorporating videos in your social media campaigns to boost email signups.

  1. Referral Programs

Loyal customers can be an extension of your marketing team if used properly. People are more likely to purchase a product because they heard about it from a friend or family member and would vouch for the effectivity of it. This makes referral marketing one of the most trusted sources of information on new businesses. Aside from that, you can also offer incentives for customers who can refer you. This makes them motivated to spread the word about your business and in turn, you can offer them cash rewards, discounts, coupons, or even bonus points in your loyalty program. Do not take your existing customers for granted because their experience can be your gem in the sand. With them vouching for your products, you can significantly increase your sales in no time.



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