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One of the leading and powerhouse social media and streaming platform to date is unanimously YouTube. It is only second to Google as being the largest search engine website out there. This is why they both have almost the same nature of how their searches work. Keyword optimizing your videos will be almost the same as keyword optimizing your Google searches. A lot of users take for granted the efficiency of keyword tags, but they shouldn't.



The secret is that even YouTube follows a specific algorithm, which dictates which videos will reach the desired audience. These tags are like road shortcuts for searches. It helps YouTube understand better your video’s content and context. The more relevant and specific your tags are, the wider the reach they can provide you with. These tags are short words and phrases that relate and describe your video’s content and can even help with its rank. Tags can be used by any user so you should also be aware of some of the techniques that can give you higher leverage over other video searches.


Broad Strokes

The best way to reach as many viewers as possible is to use broad keywords that describe the content of your videos. Broader tags can cover overarching topics that can actually help bridge other topics to your video. It lets YouTube cross and suggest other videos and tags to your own. It can also help you diversify the reach of audience that you can potentially have.




Definitive Descriptions

Broad keywords can help you widen your reach of potential viewers, but specific keywords helps your videos in a different aspect. The specified keywords can assist YouTube in better understand your content and makes it easier to direct viewers to your videos. If you mainly rely on your broad tags, you videos will remain ambiguous and may not even reach the desired viewers. What you want is to make it easy and quick for viewers to reach your videos.


Tags in Ranks

You can have as many tags as you want but consider that less is more when you want a desired viewership. The tags also should be ordered in importance. Not a lot of users realize this but YouTube heavily considers your video’s first few tags. It will prioritize the first tag and will consider the latter less and less, especially with multiple ones. This is why you should makes sure the first few tags are the keywords that best describe your video and are the ones that have the best search efficiency.



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