How to Get More Views on Youtube Videos

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How to Get More Views on Youtube Videos


YouTube is the largest and most diverse social media platform for video sharing. It was one of the earliest content platforms in the internet and has solidified a strong reputation. A lot of celebrities, like Justin Bieber, started out with YouTube and exploded into the mainstream scene. It has gone through a lot of changes and trends, like the implementation of ads to help content creators, and the addition of VR play.




With the boom of recent YouTube content creators, the community has become diluted with vloggers, gamer and speakers. It's hard to stand out when you have so much competition. The opportunity is there but the problem is how to reach your audience. Read our blog to learn tips on how to get more views on youtube videos.


In order to really be able to stand of from the average Youtuber, you have to first establish who you are as a content creator. You should know your strengths, and what kind of content you want to be known for. This will establish your brand and will help you be more memorable to viewers. There’s this notion that diversifying yourself will help you stand out from the rest, but it actually has a different effect. Yes, it can possibly attract more viewers, but not loyal ones. It’s better to stick with what you know, and let the viewers decide if they like your content. These people will eventually become loyal subscribers and help you in the long run. Look at it this way, would you rather have a mass following for one video or a decently large loyal viewer/subscriber base? Hitting a million views for one video may look nice but hitting a million loyal subscribers is better.





Most of the time, your viewers will be people who maybe stumbled onto one of your videos out of curiosity. More likely than not, they’ll move on to the next Youtuber or video without even considering to subscribe to you. It may seem shameless but it’s very simple to just ask them to subscribe. This means putting a subscription link at the end of your videos, asking them to subscribe. A subscribed viewer is consistently notified of any new content and easily brings loyal views to your videos.





Nothing beats an attention grabbing title, thumbnail or combination of both. Youtube is a social media platform at its core and a lot like Facebook, most people like to skim and scan through posts or videos. This means you only have a few short seconds to pique their interest. A title that’s too long may cause your video to get skipped altogether. This means uploading a custom image that can easily grab their attention rather than opting for one of those auto-generated ones. There are even long time content creators that already plan their title and/or thumbnails before even producing anything.





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