How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Search

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How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Search


By now, you should know that a good marketing technique to bring your audience to your product is video. No matter the strategy, optimizing always involves relevant content. But how do you make sure you're uploading videos that your target market is searching for? Check out these tips on how to optimize videos for YouTube search. 




Eveyrone wants to rank high on search engines, but what about video search engines? When uploading a video to YouTube,  don't forget to use a relevant title. Consider this a piece of clothing someone wears. Titles are the very first thing a consumer or prospect notices. Therefore, you have to pay attention as to how you are writing your title for your target audience. Make sure it's catchy, but most of all, make sure it's target directly to them.



YouTube provide a limited space for you to write on the video description. Keep in mind that the 1,000 characters need to be worth reading. The words you write create a story. Viewers take advantage of reading description after reading the title.





Be careful who or what you tag whenever your videos are uploaded as public. When your potential customer reads the title and description, you'll know whether or not the video they're watching is worth it for them to continue watching. Tags answer your question with regard to the product, “How is the brand or item doing?”



Now that you have uploaded the video and written a catchy tittle, description, and tag, it is crucial to check on the category. If not, there might be someone uploading videos that will want to take the credit. Categorizing your video also gives you a clue as to whether or not there might be other videos uploaded that are similar to your content.



Remember that your audience are your top priority. In short, you must not give them a hard time. Thumbnails enable your viewers to have an idea of what your video is all about. It shows an overview on the video.




SRT Files (Subtitle and Closed Caption)

The content of the subtitle and closed caption must not be ignored. They play an important role in your video. This is your chance to insert relevant and important keywords to highlight your product to optimize searches on YouTube.


Search Engine optimization, especially in video search engines, may sound difficult. But if you follow these tips, your video will hit your targeted audience. So go ahead, give it a try!



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