Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas For Your Business


Valentine’s day is in a few days, so you must be thinking about various marketing strategies to boost your business’ revenue in line with this upcoming event. People value relationships so much and Valentine’s day is the perfect way to celebrate such relationships, whether it's a romantic one or one that is engaged with friends or family. You should keep in mind that this is an impeccable season to market your business, gain more clients, and close more sales.


So what are the different marketing strategies that you can roll out this Valentine’s season? Here’s a list of Valentine’s day marketing ideas for your business that you could find useful:


Optimize Social Media Promotion

The social media platform is an efficient and cheap tool to market your business. Make use of facebook, twitter, Instagram or you may even put up your own blog or website indicating your special Valentine’s day package or discounts. Take advantage of your social network online and never underestimate the power of social media and digital marketing. Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days, spending more time in front of their phones more than ever, thus being visible and promoting your Valentine’s day gimmicks actively on social media will surely give you a wider target market, increased potential customers and increased probability of client bookings. Don't forget to indicate the specific details of your Valentine’s day packages including the prices, terms and conditions of your promo offers, date and time when the clients can shop. Make your promotional ads at social media short, simple, and creative in order to attract more potential clients. Don't forget to use images, rememeber that images on social media makes content more shareable.



Create a unique Valentine’s Day Campaign

Every client wants a unique experience for each event that they are celebrating. That is why you need to make sure that your Valentine’s day campaign will includes packages and special discounts that are not commonly found with the competition.  Be creative with formulating your rates such as making special rates for groups like bachelors, bachelorettes, group of friends or you can even go for more specific target market like the LGBT community or single parents. For existing clients, you can give them a special loyalty discount of 10% off for example in order to make them feel valued and to encourage repeat purchase.


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Offer Gift ideas

To increase your sales, aside from Valentine’s day packages and special rates, you may also offer pre-packed gift ideas to your potential clients. You may try making a gift guide that includes a variety of Valentine’s day gifts and make it a point that you allow your customer to add a personal touch to these gifts to make it more valuable. By doing so, you are able to help your client pick out a special gift for his or her loved one in a less stressful way and at the same time, you are able to cash in extra sales for your business. Talk about win-win situation!



Tie up with local charity groups

You know what they say, it is better to give than to receive. Encourage the spirit of giving not just during Christmas Season but during Valentine’s day too. Tie up with a local charity group in your community and shell out some of your earnings for donation to these institutions. Some customers like the idea that a portion of the money they pay you goes a long way, so encourage them to offer support by patronizing your business in order to help different charity groups.

Have you decided what Valentine’s day campaign to create? Were the tips above helpful to you while brainstorming your own marketing strategies this coming Valentine’s day? Share your thoughts with us.


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